Sarah Palin Lets Her Son Do Questionable Thing With the Family Dog (PHOTO)

sarah palinAs the governor of Alaska and the vice-presidential nominee in 2008, Sarah Palin faced her fair share of criticism from the public and media alike. But this time, the politician has sparked more outrage online for her parenting choices thanks to a series of photos of son, Trig Palin, and the family dog.


While using the pictures as a metaphor for "stepping stones," the mom-of-five shared the snapshots on her Facebook page. Immediately, people disapproved. Take a look at the controversial shots:

Yes, that's Trig, Palin's 6-year-old son with special needs, using the dog as a step stool.

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Not surprisingly, people were upset. Palin may refer to it as a "stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward," but many people are calling it a form of animal abuse.

And rightfully so.

Family dogs bring entertainment, joy, and peacefulness to a family. They're often guard dogs, watchful protectors, and givers of unconditional love. But that's no reason to use them as stepping stones. Or call them "lazy."

Kids make mistakes. Trig is only 6, after all. It's highly likely that he didn't realize he could hurt the pup. But that doesn't make it OK.

If, and when, kids behave wrongly toward a pet, the first course of action should be to correct them ... not take a photo. And definitely not to praise the child for some masterful achievement.

It's the parent's job to make sure that the action is stopped and corrected. We need to make sure that kids immediately understand why that's the wrong way to treat a pet, lest they do it again.

Stepping on a pet, or standing on their back, is in no way "funny" or metaphorical to overcoming obstacles in life or problem solving. It's just a hurtful and disrespectful way to treat a lovable dog. Let's remember that they are living things and not "stepping stones."

Have your kids ever behaved badly toward a pet? How did you handle it?


Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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