17-Year-Old Joy-Anna Duggar's Workout Clothes Break the Internet (Sorry Kim Kardashian)

jessa joy anna jinger duggarIf your New Year's resolution is to hit the gym and start building some muscle, you might have a brand new and unexpected fitness inspiration. Joy-Anna Duggar (middle, in the photo above) recently showed off her strength in the weight room when she lifted 145 pounds while parallel squatting. But all anyone seems to want to talk about is the fact that the teenager did it all while wearing a skirt.


Big sister Jessa shared a video of Joy-Anna's weight room success. Accompanied by Jessa's new husband, Ben Seewald, the fifth-oldest Duggar child has some serious muscle:

We really can't get over the sheer impressiveness of the video! Go girl!

So what about the people who have been hot and bothered by the fact that the teenager exercises and lifts huge weights ... in a skirt? Well, according to the Duggar family, modesty has always been practiced. Even in the weight room. Mom Michelle shared her thoughts on dress and conservative clothes:

[We] felt like we needed to be covered from our neck to below our knees mainly because God talks about the thigh being uncovered, and how that's nakedness and shame.

I realize that you can't keep somebody from having wrong thoughts, but I do think you have control at least on how you present yourself. So as the older girls and guys grew up they became sensitive to their clothing choices. The girls would say, "Do you think this is too low-cut or should I put a pin here? Or what do you think about this? Is this too short?"

Not rules everyone wants to follow, but to each their own. Joy-Anna (and Jessa, and Jill, and Jinger, and ...) all seem perfectly fine with dressing the way Mama Duggar has taught them.

Instead of harping on Joy-Anna's workout gear, let's all remember that this is what she's comfortable in. Whether it's modest necklines or an appropriate skirt, if it makes her feel relaxed and secure, it's done its job.

And while we're on the subject ... let's not assume that every girl prefers tight yoga pants and a fitted sports bra while they're working out. Even if they're not exactly satisfied with their bodies or just don't feel like flaunting it, it's perfectly fine not to expose everything. Their body ... their (clothing) choice.

What are your rules for clothing for your kids?


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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