Teresa Giudice's 13-Year-Old Daughter Follows in Mom's Disastrous Footsteps

teresa gia giudiceNow that Teresa Giudice has less than a week to surrender to the court for her 15-month prison sentence, the Giudice family is facing some tough times. But while Mom and Dad have faced a harsh and public legal battle, it's their 13-year-old daughter Gia Giudice's latest news that's calling Joe and Teresa's parenting choices into question yet again. It turns out Gia is following in Mom's footsteps and will star in her own reality show.


"It will be all about her group, 3KT," a source tells E! News. "They've been filming already for two months. So far, the footage is really fun. Once the pilot is completed, they'll start shopping it to the networks."

Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from that tree.

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RHONJ fans will be happy to hear that the source also says, "All the girls' families are in it here and there. But it's not a show about the grownups; it's all about the girls. Everyone's very excited about it."

Hear that? Families will make appearances, but this is all about the glamorous life of music-making teenagers. Because a 13-year-old is leading a life worthy of a reality show.


Gia and 3KT released their music video for their song "Season of Joy" earlier this month. Complete with synchronized dance moves, attempts at lip-synching, and plenty of holiday gear, the girls are embarking on their musical pursuits.

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But to dedicate an entire TV show to 13-year-olds making a band? To put your teenage daughter under that much public scrutiny? Sigh.

We've seen shows about toddler beauty queens, the extremes of parenting, and 20-plus-person families. But a solo show for a group of middle school-aged kids -- one of the hardest times for children, what with those surging hormones and all -- especially at a fragile time for the family, seems completely out of place.

Parenting isn't just about encouraging our kids; it's about protecting them too. With Teresa headed to prison, here's hoping someone steps in to do that for Gia.

Would you ever let your teen have her own reality show?


Image via Gia Giudice/Twitter

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