Why the Duggar Kids Won't Get a Christmas Tree This Year (VIDEO)

duggar family christmasChristmastime in the Duggar household includes a feast to feed 20-plus people, a special in-house mail sorting system, and a sing-a-long that can rival any full-staffed choir. But while they have plenty of decorations and Christmas spirit, there's one specific item missing: a Christmas tree. And as Josh Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle's oldest child, explains in a PEOPLE exclusive, there's a very good reason why the Duggars don't have a Christmas tree.


Kids used to knock it down? No use in trying to keep it standing when the pitter-patter of little feet and those grabby hands are always reaching for ornaments and lights. Might as well just scrap the idea to begin with and focus on a new main attraction.


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In any family where there are little kids (or in the Duggars' case, a constant stream of new additions as Jill and Derick and Josh and Anna are both expecting), it's always genius to have an alternative.

Moms tend to stress themselves OUT trying to make everything perfect for the holidays, but if there's one thing we can learn from Mama Duggar, perfect is different for every family. You're the Mom,  make your own holiday traditions!

Sure, getting rid of a focal decoration might seem extreme, but desperate times call for some seriously radical changes. Start new traditions. Gather gifts around a different spot. And make sure that bright and shiny fir doesn't come tumbling down.

How do you keep little kids away from the tree?


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