​Jill Duggar's Pregnancy Is Causing Big Problems With Her Family

ben seewald, jessa duggar, jill duggar, derick dillardAs the Jill Duggar vs. Jessa Duggar "feud" rages on, we're finally learning what may have caused the two oldest Duggar sisters to engage in their under-the-radar Twitter battle. Remember when Jill unfollowed Jessa and we all shook our heads in confusion? Now we're finding out exactly why Jessa is also upset with Jill. And it's got a lot to do with Jill's pregnancy.


According to OK! Magazine, Jessa was very upset that Jill got pregnant right after her wedding to Derick Dillard.

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Now Jessa, who has been married for seven weeks, is reportedly looking for one extra-special Christmas gift. Mrs. Ben Seewald "wants... a positive pregnancy test," a source tells the magazine. And on top of that, with Jill beating her down the aisle and with her first baby on the way, Jessa feels that her older sister "keeps stealing her thunder," adds the source.

Sibling rivalry at its finest, no?

It's hard not to feel for Jessa here. Granted, this is very clearly still in rumor-land, but the issue is one most of us can understand.

If you're trying to get pregnant and planning on conceiving in the near future, there's nothing more frustrating that seeing family members and best friends announce they're expecting all around you ... especially if you haven't had that positive pee test yet.

When everyone else is reaching milestones and showing off their growing bellies by the week (as Jill has made sure to do all throughout her pregnancy), you have yet to make that official announcement.

You want to be happy for them, but it can be hard not to get frustrated that you don't get to share in that joy yourself. Hopefully the sisters will find their way back to each other ... and Jessa will get her Christmas present!

Have you ever feuded with a family member over a pregnancy?


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