Joanna Krupa Shares Egg Retrieval Surgery in New Video (VIDEO)

As one of The Housewives of Miami, model Joanna Krupa is used to having her entire life out there for the world to view, critique, and gossip about. Some of us wonder how she does it – how she doesn’t just want to hide under a rock sometimes. But here’s a time when it pays to be in the limelight: Joanna is taking advantage of her fame by helping other women. Instead of just talking about how she is freezing her eggs – which is great, by the way, because the more we can hear about a woman’s experience with the procedure, the better – she has documented the entire procedure on video.


Joanna takes us inside of her doctor’s office and shares how she is nervous about the procedure because, as most of us can understand, all surgery is stressful and frightening. But her doctor proves to be just as camera-ready as she is – as he calmly explains that one side effect may be sensitivity to noise, but that the procedure would be over before she knew it.

And then we actually see Joanna’s face as the doc is retrieving her eggs – no worries, we don’t actually get a view of her below the waist, for anyone who has no interest in becoming a doctor. And her doctor was right -- it is over lickety-split.

Joanna, 35, married Romaine Zago in June, but has been honest about feeling like they aren't ready to be parents yet. She says she is freezing her eggs so that she won't have to worry when the time feels right to start a family.

I think it’s brave of Joanna to expose herself this way – and I love how she is helping other women who may be contemplating freezing their eggs but aren’t sure about it. Some may feel this is way too much TMI, but I’m all on board with this kind of reality TV.

What do you think about Joanna sharing her egg retrieval surgery with the world -- TMI or good for women?


Image via joannakrupa/Instagram

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