Michelle Duggar Opens Up About Stillborn Baby (VIDEO)

michelle duggarWhen Jubilee Shalom Duggar arrived stillborn on December 11, 2011, the Duggar family immediately closed ranks around mom Michelle and began to celebrate their youngest sister's memory. Though doctors say she died in the womb on December 2, the 11th is a very special date for the whole 19 Kids and Counting family. And now mom Michelle and dad Jim Bob are speaking out publicly about their youngest daughter.


In an interview with Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, an organization that provides support and grieving services for parents, both parents shared their perspectives and experiences with loss.

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"We have a picture of Jubilee on our family’s baby wall, we call it, and she’s a part of that baby parade of all those pictures on the wall," said Michelle. "Her beautiful face is there to be displayed with all our other babies."

But that's not all. Jubilee also has her own special symbol that Mom keeps close.

"We adopted the butterfly as the symbol of our little Jubilee so I have a butterfly necklace that I often wear," Michelle added. "We have a blanket with Jubilee’s name that was given to us by friends and we use it every day, it isn’t hanging on a wall."

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And the rest of the family makes sure to remember Jubilee every year. Jill Duggar, who is also expecting her first child, posted a sweet message to her sister:

The date is understandably an unforgettable one for the whole family, and the interview is visibly difficult, but Michelle and Jim Bob deserve a bravo for their bravery. It's so important for moms to feel safe talking about loss, and by talking about Jubilee, they're giving a lot of grieving parents a light in the darkness.

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It may seem like a taboo topic, but sharing these stories and opening up about the experience can really help. Not only can it allow for the grieving process to continue, but it gives other mothers a chance to tell their stories.

Taking control of the subject by vocalizing the difficult time can sometimes be the best form of expression. Take a look at Michelle and Jim Bob's emotional interview:

How has your family handled a loss?


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