Nicole Richie Slammed for Wearing Her 6-Year-Old Daughter's Clothes (PHOTO)

nicole richieNicole Richie is catching some heat because she's thin and she's a mom and she's wearing her daughter's clothes. But before anyone jumps to any ridiculous conclusions, we need to face the facts. Moms and daughters sometimes share clothes and that's adorable. So what if Harlow is almost 6. We buy kids' clothes big for a reason.


And I know that reason isn't so we can wear the clothes, too, it's so we aren't buying winter coats every single year. So we purchase something a size or two up, maybe roll up the sleeves a little, let our kid wear it with layers underneath, and we have an item of clothing that actually lasts more than one season. Practical.


Thanks for letting me borrow your jacket Harlow �

Kuva, jonka @nicolerichie julkaisiJoulu 12, 2014 at 4:53 PST

Nicole Richie is practical. Not only did she get her daughter a coat that is impossibly adorable (the fuzz!), but it will fit her daughter for seasons to come and mommy can borrow it. Worth the money. Kids borrow our stuff all the time -- my 5-year-old daughter loves to wear my necklaces. She cavorts around the house in my shoes, too. I can't fit into her clothes, yet, but when and if I do, you bet I'd wear them. When I was a kid, I'd raid my mother's pajama drawer, and my sister and I would put on her negligees. Looking back now I can see that was inappropriate. But we were latchkey kids in an era far, far away and mom was at work.

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For Harlow and Nicole, they are sharing this coat -- just a coat -- even though Harlow is 6 years old. Nicole is one of those naturally thin people. Don't hate. Some clothes can fit just fine on different bodies. A little roll up here, a tuck in there, and it can work. Anyone who takes issue with this needs to relax. They aren't sharing a pacifier. Plus, Harlow also can learn more about sharing.

But the most important lesson that can come from all of this is that all kids need to know that people come in all shapes and sizes. The earlier they learn this, the better. Adults need to learn this as well. Some of us are smaller than a size 2 and we are perfectly healthy. Even moms! Some moms fit into kids' clothes. Some moms don't. And no matter what (like Pete the Cat says), it's allllll good.

Do you share clothes with your kids? What do you think of Nicole borrowing Harlow's jacket?


Image via Nicole Richie/Instagram

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