Anna Duggar's Baby Bump Has Arrived!

josh and anna duggarIn case you haven't heard, Josh and Anna Duggar are well on their way to their own 19 Kids and Counting because the couple is expecting baby number four. And while the latest Duggar will arrive in June 2015, baby M has already made his or her presence known because Anna proudly debuted her growing baby bump earlier on Twitter. Take a look:


It's a little obscured by 5-year-old Mackynzie, but that's one definite baby bump! That curve is displayed distinctly and there's no doubt that their upcoming addition is already being flaunted.

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Anna has only just started her second trimester, but with baby number four, it's no surprise that she's starting to show so early.

Now we just can't wait to meet the next Duggar!

How early did you start to show?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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