Gaby Hoffmann Picks a Grandma Name for New Baby

Gaby HoffmanShe's one of the rare child stars to disappear into obscurity and then come back to the spotlight without a scandal or a foray into reality TV, and now Gaby Hoffmann has some more good news! The star of Amazon's Transparent and the current box office hit Wild is a new mom. The actress and her boyfriend, Chris Dapkins, welcomed a baby girl -- at home -- last month.

And in keeping with her down-to-earth attitude, Gaby and Chris opted for a gorgeous baby name that's far from typical for celebrities. Are you ready for this?


The new little girl is named Rosemary (no word on whether she got Mom's last name or Dad's). 

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A little old-fashioned, but absolutely lovely, the moniker is from the Latin ros marinus, or dew of the sea. It was big back in the '40s, when the likes of Rosemary Clooney were all the rage in Hollywood, but has fallen out of fashion. That said, this may be time for a comeback. A lot of so-called "grandma" and "grandpa" names have been resurfacing of late. Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy, for example, have reached way in the past for both daughters' names, with Frances and Winnie. 

Interesting to note, Hoffmann's real name is Gabriella Mary -- meaning her daughter shares at least a piece of Mom's name.

Congratulations to the new family!

What do you think of the name?


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Image via Deano/Splash News

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