Kate Hudson's Dad Slams His Daughter for Not Being Able to Stay With One Man

Um, thanks, dad? The one man in Kate Hudson's life who should always have her back instead pretty much slammed her and took an unnecessary dig at his ex (Kate's mom) Goldie Hawn during a recent interview. Just one week after Kate announced her split from British rock star Matt Bellamy of Muse, her dad Bill Hudson rubbed salt in the wound by coming forward to explain why his 35-year-old daughter can't seem to make a stable relationship work. Prepare yourself to feel just a wee bit uncomfortable.


Let's recap Kate's relationships to gain some perspective on where Bill is coming from: she was married to Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes and they share a son named Ryder. She divorced from him at an early age and dated famous men like Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and Dax Shephard. She has recently been linked to Derek Hough. Not sure why this is such a big issue since she was single at the time of all of these hook-ups, but okay.

After learning about Kate's most recent breakup -- she and Bellamy were engaged for four years and are parents to a little boy named Bingham -- Bill reportedly said, "She has a wandering eye, just like her mother. When you are in a bubble -- and Kate's been in a bubble her whole life as the daughter of a celebrity and now a celebrity herself -- it is much harder to sustain a long-term relationship."

That wasn't enough. He reportedly added, "To be a star, by its very definition, you have to be selfish. To sustain her level of fame Kate has to put herself first, and that isn't a recipe for successful romance."

Ouch. Harsh truth or just harsh? See, the thing is, Kate has made no bones about blaming Bill for contributing to her inability to settle down. And Bill himself (sort of) took responsibility, admitting that he feels guilty for more or less abandoning her when she was a girl after things with Goldie took a turn for the worse.

But, the thing is, if you feel guilty for the role you played -- or didn't play -- in your daughter's life, the least you could do is stay quiet and NOT comment on her love life. It's simply not your place to do so.

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If this man truly cared about Kate and her well being, the last thing he would do is take this opportunity to show he's still carrying a grudge against her and Goldie because their lives together didn't work out as planned. Move on. Accept your daughter for who she is. Or, how about trying to repair your relationship with your child -- something that certainly won't happen while you're blabbing about her being selfish and having a roving eye.

Just gross.

What do you think about Kate Hudson's dad's comments about her love life?


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