Kate Gosselin Is Making Her Kids Return to TV: Watch the Drama

kate gosselinHave you missed seeing the Gosselin kids? Well, it's time to rejoice because the new year means we get some more crazy Kate Plus 8 footage when the show returns on January 13 on TLC. And Kate Gosselin? She's just as wild as ever and, as the single parent to eight kids, ready for adventures. Take a look at the trailer below:


Well there you go. Did you catch all those crazy torturous moments?

  1. Kate made the kids catch and cook lobsters. Like, the kids actually had to see their dinner before they were shoved in the boiling pot. Hard pass.
  2. The Pilgrim costumes. Cute idea and all (maybe?), but just ... no.
  3. Boat freakout. Kate's hasn't necessarily been known to keep her composure, but the screams and freakouts in the middle of a lake are reallllllllly embarrassing Maddy and Cara!
  4. The room dilemmas. Face it, kids aren't great at making decisions or coming to agreements. Sometimes, it's best for mom to just take her pick and assign. Then we can all avoid the fights and arguments.
  5. Pumpkin bull's eye? Yeah, we didn't really get it either. Seemed like a great idea, but something was just lost in translation.

But while the trailer did show us how crazy it is to be raising eight kids, the most striking part of the clip is Kate's last line: "I feel so overwhelmed lately that it's hard to stay positive."

Wow. We never thought we'd admit it, but all that noise, whining, and eight different personalities make us feel a bit bad for her. Listen up, kids, you're eating lobster and summering in Maine. Life could be much, much worse.

Will you watch the new season of Kate Plus 8?


Image via TLC

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