Scarlett Johansson's Post-Baby Weight Loss Trick Is One Every Mom Can Use​

scarlett johnasson barbara waltersShe welcomed a baby girl in September, but newly married Scarlett Johansson is already back to her pre-baby body and looking as great as ever. And the celeb mom attributes her weight loss to one completely tried and true method: breastfeeding.


While appearing on Barbara Walters' The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014 (airs on ABC on Sunday at 9 p.m), she chatted all about daughter Rose Dorothy and being a new mom.

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"It’s wonderful," ScarJo told Walters. "It’s very, very magical -- and exhausting. The love is just unbelievable. It’s very overwhelming."

And as for her bonding time with little Rose? It's come down to feeding time.

"[I do] the whole bit," Johansson adds. "I’m nursing and I love it. It’s the best way to get back in shape."

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Love it? We sure do! So often, we hear of celebrity moms upping their workout regime or embracing some new diet after giving birth, but it's not always feasible for regular moms who don't have a gazillion dollars to pay nannies to watch the kiddos while they hit the gym or nutritionists to help them craft a new diet plan. This, on the other hand? This is one great weight loss trick any mom can do -- and it's good for baby to boot!

The benefits of breastfeeding have always been extolled. From increasing bonding time to saving money (face it, formula is expensive) and the added nutritional value, the advantages are huge. And the weight loss for Mom is definitely a great perk.

Did you breastfeed? Did it help you lose weight?


Image via Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

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