Angelina Jolie Can't Say 'No' to Her Kids' Tattoo Requests​

Angelina JolieToday in proof that celebrities really are just like the rest of us, Angelina Jolie has got a parenting problem with a capital P. Turns out the six kids in the Jolie-Pitt clan are interested in tattoos. Make that very interested.

And why wouldn't they be? Angie has quite a few, including ink she shares with her brother and a tat that lists the geographical locations of each of her kids' birthplaces. So what's the problem?


Jolie told Radio Times:

They're already asking me about tattoos How do I say 'No'? It's especially hard for dads and girls. For some reason, men get a little more sensitive when the daughter gets a tattoo. And [Brad] thinks the girls can do no wrong. He's mush in their hands!

Ah, yes, the "how do I say 'no' to them doing something I myself have done" conundrum! We feel for her.

It's not an easy one for parents, not even celebrity parents, when your child points out that the very thing you've forbidden is something you have done yourself. They make good arguments, and you have to be fast.

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But let's face it: Angie's eldest child is only 13. It's rather young to be deciding on something that will be with him for the rest of his life. She needs to say no, whether it's "easy" to do or not.

And saying it really isn't quite as hard as she's making it out to be. We adults do plenty of things that we don't want our kids to do, and what we say is this: "If you still want to, you can do it when you're older."

This way you aren't saying "no" to your kids. You're saying "not right now." It's much the same way most of us treat driving, drinking, voting, and even joining the military.

How do you handle the tattoo conversation with your kids?


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