Meet the Guy Who Made Angelina Jolie's Year (It's Not Brad!)​

It's been quite a year for Angelina Jolie. She married long-time love Brad Pitt. Starred in and produced Disney's Maleficent. Is thinking of a career switch into politics -- or so we hear. That's far more than most people accomplish in an entire lifetime. And yet, when it comes down to it, Angelina's biggest moment of 2014 is one all moms can relate to -- one that will make you realize this celeb's heart truly is in the right place.


The 39-year-old actress recently revealed that the most significant thing that has happened to her -- the "marker" in her year -- has been her son Maddox becoming a teenager.

How sweet is that?!

Angie didn't get into detail about why Maddox's 13th birthday -- which he celebrated in August -- was such an important milestone for her, but considering how we feel like we've known the teen since he was a tot and have watched him grow up, can we take a few guesses?

Being the mom of a teenager seems like it will be incredibly special (and challenging!) because you get to watch them go through so many of the greatest, worst, and most exciting experiences in life.

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They fall in love for the first time. Have their hearts broken and break others' hearts. Learn how to drive. Attend their prom. Apply to colleges. Leave home for the first time. Discover their parents are actually fallible humans and not perfect beacons of light (oh, fine, my 3-year-old has probably already come to this realization, I'll admit it).

I'm guessing it's also wonderful and bittersweet to say you've gotten through their super-young years and they came out of them unscathed. On the one hand, Angelina should be proud of raising a young man who seems courteous and intelligent. On the other, she probably can't help reflecting on the fact that it feels like just yesterday she adopted the cutie pie from Cambodia and gave him a little mohawk.

Seriously, wasn't it just yesterday?!

This just gives us one more reason to love Angelina. Her love and devotion to her children is always clear as day. She's one celeb who knows the most important things in life aren't fame and money -- they are far less obvious and accessible to all moms.

What do you think about Angelina's biggest moment of the year?


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