Mila Kunis Wants Ashton Kutcher to Take Control of Their Kid (VIDEO)

Mila KunisIt's hard to believe it's been two months since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher officially became parents. But the actress made her first post-birth appearance on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show this week with some rather startling -- albeit hilarious -- news. She's leaving what some folks consider to be the hardest part of parenting to Dad.

Now, now, that doesn't mean Mila is hitting the road and abandoning Wyatt. She is, however, putting Ashton on notice that when the teenage hormones start a roaring, he'd best be prepared! Check it out:



OK, so she's joking.

Or is she?

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Mila was very vocal during her pregnancy about the fact that a pregnant woman does all the hard work ... and her partner should not be taking credit, saying "I'm pregnant." Now she says she's nursing, which means she's likely doing the lion's share of feeding.

Thanks to biology alone, moms tend to do most of the hard work in the early days -- even when Dad is throwing himself into parenthood -- so telling him he's got to take the reins and do the hard stuff in the teenage years might just be one way to even the playing field!

Who handles the lion's share of parenting in your household?


Image via The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson/YouTube

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