Amy Poehler Is Raising Spoiled Brats & We Love Her for It

amy poehler on the ellen showNot sure about you all, but we're a bit sick of hearing from moms about how their kids are oh-so-giving and generous and kind and perfect. Frankly, it's all just too much. So for once, let's all celebrate one celebrity who finally said it like it is: Amy Poehler recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and freely admitted that her kids are hilarious and maybe even a little spoiled.


Ah, how refreshing. And finally someone completely honest telling us that their kids are, well, normal.

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It's somehow comforting and great to know that not everyone's 4-year-old is altruistic and channels the Dalai Lama on the regular. Sometimes, they are just normal toy-greedy kids who think about themselves before they do others.

So thank you, Amy, for showing us all that everyone's seemingly perfect kids are really not so perfect. We're glad to hear it.

Can you totally relate to Poehler's story?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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