​Amanda Peet Goes With a Trendy Name for New Baby

Congrats to actress Amanda Peet, who gave birth to her third child with husband David Benioff Freedman! This is an exciting first for The Good Wife star, who welcomed a cuddly little boy to their brood of girls. Their little man will grow up having two protective big sisters -- Frances, 7, and Molly, 4, which is totally sweet because we all know he'll benefit from all of the advice! The couple has given their little peanut a sweet, traditional, classic name we love. And, it's apparently, also a name that lots of other celebs love, as well.


Amanda and David have named their son Henry Peet Friedman. Not sure if this is a family name or just one that they adore, but Amanda recently admitted that she and David have unorthodox ways of coming up with baby names. After their second daughter was born, they agreed on Molly June at the very last minute before leaving the hospital -- by crumbling up names they liked on a piece of paper and choosing one.

Hey, whatever works!

The name Henry has been around forever (King Henry VIII, anyone?) and originates from both France and Germany. Henry means "rules the home," which is a trait this child is going to need with two older sisters running the show.

Interestingly, "Henry" is also a very popular choice with other celebs. Just to name a few, it's the adorable moniker chosen by Rachel Weisz, Minnie Driver, Colin Farrell, Meryl Streep, Emily Deschanel, Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon -- whew, and the list goes on.

Its popularity doesn't bother me at all. Amanda and David clearly favor more traditional names and this is a truly great one.

Do you like the name Henry for a baby boy?


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