Anna Duggar's Due Date Revealed

josh and anna duggarIt's been just one week since Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they were expecting, but now the proud future dad-of-four is revealing how soon their latest addition will arrive. It turns out that the family has a thing for June babies because their fourth child is due to arrive in June 2015.


Think that's not a coincidence? 

While 5-year-old Mackynzie was born in October 2009, both brothers Michael and Marcus (ages 3 and 1) were born in the month of June. For now, that's three out of four little June bugs. Looks like month number six is a lucky one for the family.

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Good timing! June's a nice time to give birth (you miss out on the worst heat of summer, but you aren't hugely pregnant when it's icy), and just think of all the triple birthday parties the family can have. With three little kids so close in age, there are plenty of chances of joined celebrations with the entire family. Along with all 18 aunts and uncles (and future cousins), of course.

With Jill Duggar due with a baby boy in March, the sisters-in-law will have plenty to chat about, and we're sure Anna will have lots of tips to share with the mom-to-be.

How close are your children's birthdays?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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