​Kendra Wilkinson Reveals How Her Baby Saved Her Life

We knew things were pretty terrible for Kendra Wilkinson since her husband Hank Baskett allegedly cheated on her and has been dealing with depression, but few of us knew how bad. It turns out the Kendra on Top star found only one reason to live -- her daughter. Kendra bravely revealed on the show, which airs Friday, that she contemplated suicide -- holy cow. And that one person in the world saved the 29-year-old mom of two -- her baby girl Alijah.


In a preview of Friday's finale, the reality star confessed, "I was at a real low. I even questioned my life. If it wasn't for breastfeeding Alijah, the bond that I had with her, I feel like I would have probably ended my life."

Kendra continued and said, "I felt like I'm not even supposed to be here."

I find her statement absolutely chilling and so incredibly sad -- and yet I understand why her child was the one reason why she wouldn't end it all. Whether we're breastfeeding or not -- and, clearly, in Kendra's case that bond was a sacred one -- our children give us a reason to wake up on days when we would rather bury ourselves underneath a blanket. Their needs are so basic and we are one of few people (and sometimes the only people) who can fulfill those needs.

Our children and babies also remind us that many of our problems are created in the mind or fed by the mind's unkind thoughts. I'm not suggesting that Kendra doesn't have real issues that she's dealing with in her life. But I am wondering if those issues no longer become a number one priority when we're forced to live in the moment and concentrate on breastfeeding for 20 minutes on the couch instead of getting up and racing out the door to attend to something we think of as urgent.

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I've never been suicidal and don't want to diminish the pain Kendra and others feel. But I can imagine it would be that much more difficult to willingly tear yourself away from your children and then contemplate their lives without you.

I'm really happy for Kendra that she was able to pull through this horrific time in her life. I hope she continues to receive help -- both for her sake and the sake of the two children who love and need her more than anyone in the world.

Have your children ever helped you get through a difficult time in life?


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If you or someone you know has contemplated suicide, please reach out to a suicide hotline. There is ALWAYS someone there who wants to listen and who will take you seriously. You can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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