​Eva Mendes Lied About Being Pregnant: See Her Confession (VIDEO)​

Before you get all wound up and angry at Eva Mendes because the actress seems like she could be our BFF -- AND has our exact taste in men (Ryan Gosling, in case you don't know) -- yet had the gall to keep her pregnancy a secret for so long, forgive her because she had a really good excuse for that. Eva, 40, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday just a few months after giving birth to a baby girl named Esmeralda Amada. Not only did she share a "photo" of her newborn, but she also explained to an annoyed Ellen why she -- as Ellen puts it -- pretty much lied to the world about being pregnant.


Eva -- who looked absolutely amazing, by the way -- said she and 34-year-old Gosling decided to keep quiet about her pregnancy because she was only in her first trimester when she appeared on Ellen and hadn't even told her mom the news yet.

Eva said "all moms" would understand why she didn't want to announce the news to the world so early on, and I don't know about you, but I certainly get it. What if something happened? Why would you want a bunch of people writing about a, god forbid, complication or pregnancy problem you're facing when you're trying to wrap your mind around it in private?

Even after her first trimester ended, Eva didn't exactly run to the press with her news, and we can't blame her. It seems she and Ryan knew photographers would be all over their baby girl once she was born. They felt like this was the one time in her life where they could protect her and ensure that Eva had a stress-free and calm pregnancy.

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Can you just picture Ryan trying to keep his lady and baby safe? Does this news not make him even hotter, if that's possible?

And now the photo we've all been waiting for ... Eva shared this snap of Esmeralda, which proves she is the perfect combo of beautiful mom and dad:

HA! In our dreams! I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to see a photo of what has to be one of the most gorgeous babies to walk the Earth.

Here's Eva on The Ellen Show:

What do you think about Eva's excuse for "lying" about her pregnancy? Did you tell anyone you were pregnant during your first trimester?


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