Jessa Duggar May Already Be Pregnant

jessa duggar ben seewaldWhen Jill Duggar announced that she was expecting just weeks after her wedding to Derick Dillard, we all saw how, ahem, fertile the Duggars are. And with Jessa Duggar just celebrating her three-week wedding anniversary to Ben Seewald, the whole world is eagerly expecting an announcement. And according to one source, another Duggar pregnancy announcement may be coming very quickly.


Rumor has it Jessa is already pregnant!

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A source recently told In Touch that Ben and Jessa "look at sex as a 'present' from God and they couldn’t wait to ‘open it’ on their wedding day," which might possibly explain the rumors that circulated shortly after the wedding. Supposedly, Ben and Jessa were caught in a passionate moment while still in the church!

The same source also proudly declared that they "wouldn’t be surprised if Jessa were pregnant already." And there you go. Love, marriage, baby carriage. It seems like the most logical next step for the Duggars.

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The newlyweds have never made their plans for family a secret. They've both stated they want to adopt and are willing to have as many kids as God gives them. And we all know how their parents feel about birth control.

Could Jessa be ready to bring the next Duggar grandchild into the world? Maybe, maybe not ... but this is one rumor we could see being right on the money.

What do you think of this source?


Image via ben_seewald/Instagram

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