JWoww & Roger Mathews Get Matching Tattoos for Baby Girl (PHOTO)

When you have a baby, you fall in love and are filled with so much positive energy that you want to run out and scream from the hilltops, jump out of a plane -- do something extreme to let everyone know how deeply devoted you are to this little person. JWoww and her fiance Roger Mathews did just that when they decided to honor 4-month-old Meilani Alexandra by getting matching tattoos that will forever remind them of one of the cutest little parts of her body.


Jenni, 28, took to Instagram to post this photo of her new tat -- which she had placed on the top of her back left shoulder -- alongside Roger, who opted to get his along his side:

JWoww captioned the photo, "We're officially corny cute parents lol." Cute, yes. Corny? Never!

LOVE that they captured Meilani's adorable footprint and were both on the same page when it came to sharing this experience as a couple. I can't imagine, in 20 years, Meilani thinking anything other than, Holy cow, my parents are the coolest, every time she gets a glimpse of their ink.

Both Jenni and Roger are clearly infatuated with Meilani, judging by their sweet posts about how beautiful she is and even how tall she is (JWoww recently shared that her sweet little girl is in the 99th percentile and will probably take after her daddy). Love them both and love seeing them bond as a couple through their love for their daughter.

What do you think of JWoww and Roger's matching tattoos?


Images via jennijwowwmtv/Instagram

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