Bill Hader & Maggie Carey's Baby Name Is Bound to Cause Confusion

Bill Hader, Maggie CareyCongrats are in order! Bill Hader and Maggie Carey welcomed their third daughter to their brood on Saturday, November 15. This little one joins the couple's other children, big sisters Hannah, 4, and Harper, 2, and while she may fit right in with the name they chose for her, it's definitely going to cause some confusion in the Hader-Carey household.


The SNL alum and writer-director wife named their third daughter Hayley! Yes, it's absolutely adorable, and we love the alliteration and even love that all three of their girls' names fit the same theme.

That being said, how confusing is it going to be keeping track of Hannah, Harper, and Hayley? I have trouble keeping track of which of my two daughters is who sometimes, and their names couldn't be more distinct from each other.

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It's just part of being a parent, right? When one kid is getting into something they shouldn't, you instinctively shout out the first name that comes into your head, regardless of who the culprit is. I can see it now, as one of the Hader girls is caught red-handed breaking into the cookie jar. "Hayley -- no, Hannah -- HARPER! No cookies for you!"

On the other hand, with two very funny parents, hilarity over such confusion is bound to ensue. Congrats to Bill, Maggie, Hannah, Harper, and Hayley! We're looking forward to some great parenting stories in the future.

What do you think of Bill Hader and Maggie Carey's naming trend for their children?


Image via John Salangsang/LEP/Splash News

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