Proud Breastfeeder Alyssa Milano Nails Problem With Kim Kardashian Photo

Alyssa MilanoLeave it to Alyssa Milano to make the best comment yet about Kim Kardashian's "Internet breaking" butt photo. Milano has had two photos featuring daughter Elizabella breastfeeding go viral in recent weeks, but as many proud nursing moms have learned -- society can be pretty mean to moms who are just feeding their kids.


But while nursing moms are still dealing with photos of themselves being reported to Facebook by critics on a regular basis, the photos of Kardashian's naked derriere were everywhere ... and no one batted an eye. Or, as Milano put it:

Milano was quick to follow up the tweet with another in praise of Kardashian's photo, so it's clear she's not bashing the reality star. Instead she was making a much-needed comment on society's confused attitudes regarding public nudity in this country.

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Breastfeeding, an act that's both natural and useful, garners moms comments like this gem left by a man on Milano's Facebook when she first shared a photo of little Elizabella having lunch:

Dude .do you not understand its weird what the hell is wrong with you..aint noone wanna see your child sucking the milk out of your breasts....not cool your making me eant cereal

Meanwhile the Kardashian photo is OK to grace a magazine cover -- and be featured on countless websites and TV screens without being censored -- because it's what ... sexy? Art? A chance for men to ogle a woman without the annoying baby getting in the way?

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Talk about a double standard!

If it's OK for a woman's nude behind to show up on a magazine cover, to be featured on TV news and countless other spots without being censored, then it's sure as heck time to stop yelping every time a baby eats in public.

What do you think of Milano's comments? Agree? Disagree?


Image via milano_alyssa/Instagram

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