Charlize Theron's Toddler Throws a Tantrum So Big the Cops Show Up​

It's slightly comforting to know the judgy public doesn't simply set its sights on regular moms and dads going about their business. They also target big celebs like Charlize Theron, who had a perfectly beautiful morning hike ruined by a female hiker who apparently doesn't realize that toddlers scream their heads off -- a lot. Charlize and her boyfriend Sean Penn were enjoying a walk and early morning picnic at Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, California, with Charlize's 2-year-old son Jackson when the hiker reportedly approached them and decided to film Jackson's tantrum because -- I guess? -- she was concerned.


Charlize apparently had a cow -- as she should have -- when she spotted the woman walking toward Jackson with a phone in her hand, filming his tantrum. Seriously, the nerve. The actress told her to get away from her son, and she did -- but not before she took it upon herself to call police and tell them she thought something bad happened to Charlize's child.

The good news is that cops decided fairly quickly that nothing happened. It turns out Charlize was being a good parent by giving her toddler a time-out that any parent of a toddler can understand he probably needed. Jackson, like many young children, totally freaked out while being placed in time-out, and Charlize apparently didn't budge and let him cry it out.

Unless a person witnesses a parent abusing her child, there is absolutely no excuse for her or him to call the cops based on speculation. I'm not sure when it became a crime for child to cry or scream -- it's almost as if some people have completely lost their common sense when it comes to children and expect that they are going to act like mini adults.

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Children cry when we deny them lollipops at 10 in the morning. My daughter had a total tantrum once at a convenience store because I wouldn't let her knock bottles of hairspray off a shelf. I immediately gave her a time-out because that's what a good parent does. I would have been mortified and very angry if some stranger had the nerve to say something to me or, god forbid, call the cops on me. The only good response from another person during those trying times we have with our kids is either no response at all or a sympathetic gaze or kind word.

What do you think about this woman calling the cops on Charlize? What would you have done in her shoes?


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