Alyssa Milano Copies Gisele Bundchen’s Revealing Breastfeeding Photo (PHOTO)

We aren’t sure if Alyssa Milano was purposely trying to imitate Gisele Bundchen when she took this amazing new photo of herself breastfeeding her gorgeous daughter while being primped for … something … or if this is just a day in the life of the actress.

Either way, Alyssa looks splendid. Heavenly. Beyond glamorous. And she shared a fabulous and revealing photo of herself nursing Elizabella Dylan while getting ready for a magazine photo shoot.


Milano, who gave birth to her second baby on Sept. 4 with husband David Bugliari, has been a strong supporter of breastfeeding and has shared other selfies showing her feeding her newborn.

But it’s impossible not to draw comparisons between this photo and the one Gisele posted – and got tons of hate and love for – nearly one year ago.

Milano captioned the photo, “First day back at work! Shooting for @marieclairemag with @linhhair and @collierstrong and wearing my @marissawebb! #blessed:”

Sure, some of us feel envious as we struggle to find an extra three seconds in the day when we can swipe globs of mascara on our lashes in between feeding sessions. But the message behind her photo is a positive one: it is possible to be a mom who achieves balance in both her work and home life – um, sometimes. And if you have loads of outside help.

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So maybe this photo is more fantasy than reality. I’m sure there are many times when Alyssa feels the same sense of crazy that we all experience. But when you get these perfectly serene moments -- and Alyssa is certainly having one in this photo -- document, document, document the hell out of them!

What are your thoughts on this photo of Alyssa breastfeeding as she gets primped? Annoying or inspiring?


Images via milano_alyssa/Instagram

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