Rachel Bilson Gives Baby Name Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

rachel bilsonForget the royals, there's a new princess in town! Rachel Bilson and longtime boyfriend (and even former fiance) Hayden Christensen have welcomed their baby girl and given her a name straight out of a Disney fairy tale. Several sources are reporting that the couple has named their little princess Briar Rose!

Sound familiar? In the original Brothers Grimm Sleeping Beauty tale, the three pixies named the princess Briar Rose in order to protect her from Maleficent's curse. And now, the delicate and female moniker has been given to Hollywood's latest addition.


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While Briar Rose is mostly associated with the Disney reference, it also has some very fitting meanings. In old English, Briar means "thorned shrub." And Rose, on its own, is also very popular name. While mostly used as a middle name, Scarlett Johansson recently named her baby daughter Rose. It's fair to say that the name is making a comeback.

And did you catch that subtle little relation? Thorned shrub and rose? Makes perfect sense to us.

Congratulations to the family!

What do you think of their baby name choice?

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