Carrie Underwood's Baby Gender 'Accidentally' Revealed During CMA Awards (VIDEO)​

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were the most adorable co-hosts in the history of the Country Music Association Awards last night. In their opening monologue, he cutely asked her to whisper in his ear and let him in on the secret of whether she was expecting a boy or girl. Carrie looked a little nervous about it -- but she obliged because, what was the worst that could happen? Brad wouldn't let the cat out of the bag, right?

Only he did -- in a MAJOR way. Brad pretty much announced to the world that the singer is going to have a ... boy! And their reactions after he spilled the beans are priceless.


After introducing themselves, Brad joked to the audience, "And we're pregnant!" to which Carrie replied, "Brad, I don't remember you being there." After a few more back-and-forth quips, Carrie agreed to reveal her baby's gender to Brad -- if he swore not to say anything. After she whispers in his ear, Brad adorably shouts, "I know something you all don't know. Suck it, TMZ!"

But Brad didn't leave well enough alone. A short time later, he returned to the topic of Carrie's baby, which is when he gave away the big secret by saying: "Hey, we could name him Garth."

Yep -- no doubt Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher are going to have the cutest little boy in the world! You don't just make a mistake like that. He slipped -- big-time. Of course, it's possible this was all part of their script, but it seemed like a genuinely surprising moment for them both.

Still, Carrie couldn't be too mad at someone that cute. Her response was hilarious: "What are you doing? What is wrong with you? Well you kept that secret for a whole two minutes, hastag Brad blew it."

Check out the moment Brad revealed that Carrie is having a boy:

Do you think Brad gave away the secret or is it possible he was just kidding and this was staged?


Image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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