Robert Downey Jr.'s Baby Name: How Do You Say That, Anyway?

robert downey jr wife susan downeyIron Man has welcomed his first daughter and she's already turning heads. Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, welcomed their baby girl yesterday and gave her one of the more unusual celebrity names we've ever heard: Avri Roel Downey. Try saying that five times fast.

In typical RDJ fashion -- read: quippy comments and personal asides -- the proud dad made the announcement earlier today on both his Facebook and Twitter. Take a look:


And he wasn't finished. Check out this little tidbit about her looks:

So how 'bout that? Is anyone truly surprised? Robert has a 21-year-old son, Indio, from a previous marriage, and the couple are already parents to 2-year-old Exton Elias. Put them all together and Avri Roel doesn't seem so strange.

We'd actually be scratching our heads if they announced a baby "Jane." Could you imagine that shock? They've continued the tradition of being completely nontraditional.

But while it's all adorable and sweet, one question remains: how the heck do you pronounce it? Is it like Avery, or like Avril without the "l," maybe?

That's still one serious mystery, but it's a question the girl will have to face all her life. "How do you say it?" or "how is it spelled?" will be entirely commonplace. But at least she'll have a superhero dad right there to back her up.

Congratulations to the family!

What do you think of their baby name choice?

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Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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