Kirk Cameron Uses Duggar Wedding to Teach His Daughters a Lesson

ben seewald jessa duggarThe Duggar family sure has its fair share of controversy, but there's one celeb who is very strongly in the pro-Duggar camp. Kirk Cameron, child television star-turned-evangelical Christian minister, attended the latest Duggar wedding and couldn't stop raving about Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's union.

He even posed for a photo with the couple and revealed exactly why he attended the nuptials. With his two teenage daughters, no less:


Yup. In case you missed that part in the middle of his post, it goes a little something like this:

[As] a father, I want my daughters to see what it looks like when a couple reserves their "first kiss" for at the altar. Wow! This kind of moral excellence and purity is rare today, but our sons and daughters are priceless. This dad has only a few years to etch these meaningful images on the minds of his children.

Yes, because taking them to a Duggar wedding is really the way to prevent your kids from turning into complete Jezebels.

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Let's be real here. Teaching kids virtues and morality is every parent's mission. But this is a little too much. Making them hold off on kissing until marriage?! The Duggars themselves have faced some serious flak for their courtship rules and parenting decisions and for good reason: that's a lot of pressure to put on a child.

Having them witness one of these unions, then calling it a form of "moral excellence" essentially says that any other decision of theirs wouldn't fall under the same umbrella.

Sure seems like quite the backhanded coercion. Kissing before your wedding day doesn't make any kid less moral than one who chooses to wait. And parading these "meaningful images" in front of them won't necessarily mean that they agree. Now we'll just have to wait and see what Cameron's daughters choose to do.

Would you ever consider putting the same rules in place for your kids?


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