​Gender of Blake Lively's Baby Will Surprise You

For those of you who couldn't wait to find out if Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be stocking up on newborn sundresses or cute little shorts with suspenders (love those), we're going to have to be a whole lot more patient. The couple has apparently decided not to spoil the secret of their baby's gender -- for themselves.

Blake and Ryan will NOT be asking their doc to reveal their baby's gender because, according to an insider, they want to be totally surprised.


This is Blake and Ryan's first baby, and although it isn't uncommon for couples to wait and find out the big reveal in the delivery room, it does seem to be an unusual move these days -- particularly for first-time parents.

Most parents-to-be that I know cannot wait for the second their doctor is able to make out their baby's gender on that little sonogram screen. The day I was told I was having a girl, I ran straight to the store and purchased my daughter's first rainbow-colored, ruffled dress -- prematurely, I admit, since it turned out she was too big to fit into it by the time the weather was nice enough for her to wear it.

Even when I was pregnant with my second baby, the ONLY positive thing in my mind about sitting for a slew of genetic tests was that I found out during my third month that I was having a little boy. Like a lot of moms, I am a planner. I got comfort from knowing what to expect because so many other aspects of pregnancy and giving birth feel like a mystery.

The majority of parents whom I've heard of waiting to find out their baby's gender did so while pregnant with their third or fourth child. Maybe they feel like this will be their last child and they want to experience that incredible excitement. Perhaps they have the wisdom to understand that 99 percent of the stuff you need to buy for a baby can be purchased without knowing if you're having a boy or girl.

I love Blake and Ryan's decision to wait. So few things in life are a surprise -- and this is one of the best.

Did you find out your baby's gender or make the choice to wait and be pleasantly surprised?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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