Halle Berry’s Child Support Battle Takes a Sad New Turn

halle berryEver since she split from her ex, Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry has been caught up in a never-ending custody battle over daughter Nahla. And the plot continues to thicken. It's been over four years since they've broken up (Halle has since gotten married and had another child), but the child support fight rages on. And now, Berry wants to reduce the amount of child support she pays Aubry.

Earlier this year, she settled her custody agreement and was set to pay Aubry almost $16,000 per monthto have shared custody. Now, she wants to reduce that amount to just $3,800 a month.


According to Aubry, the infamous Thanksgiving brawl of 2012 is the main reason why the child support is so high. Supposedly, it took Gabriel six months to fully heal this model face and work has been hard to get ever since. So, the monthly checks from Berry have been a help.

But both Berry's lawyers and a source close to her current husband are saying that the money is not exactly being used for their daughter.

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And in documents acquired by TMZ, Nahla's dad is spending the majority of the funds on himself. From "fitness" expenses, to cars, to furniture and electronics, the breakdown doesn't seem to be all about the child.

But for now, it's all left up to the lawyers and the judge to decide who "wins."

Unfortunately, no matter who walks away with the "victory," little Nahla is really the one who loses. Mom and Dad split when she was 2 years old, and the fight has been on ever since. From custody agreements, to physical violence, and now the battle over money, it looks like co-parenting has been far from amicable. And it's their daughter who really suffers if her parents can't manage to be cordial.

Let's hope these two can get on the same page and find a way to get along for their little girl's sake.

Are you surprised Berry is fighting to lower the child support?


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