Hayden Panettiere Shows Off 'Big Pregnancy Weight Gain' In Teeny Bikini (PHOTO)

Most women, even in their best fighting shape, have issues with their body that make it supremely difficult to feel at ease rocking an itty bitty bikini. But after saying she gained 40 pounds and joking that her size 5 feet are about to "snap" from the strain of her weight, Hayden Panettiere posted the most amazing photo of herself while eight months pregnant wearing the smallest bikini on earth. And she looks absolutely stunning.


The 25-year-old Nashville actress celebrated Halloween dressed as a leopard and her makeup and bikini costume are appropriately FIERCE. Now, when I was preggers, I would have leaped at the opportunity to drape faux fur over my body and hide every inch of myself in a leopard costume. But that was SO NOT what Hayden had in mind:

Oh my good lord, she looks gorgeous! It isn't just the fact that Hayden looks positively regal in that major necklace while reclining on a couch, though that certainly helps. What truly makes this photo fantastic is that the actress has swagger. She knows she's hot and she knows being pregnant doesn't diminish her hotness, but only adds to it. And what's more: she isn't just hot or cute or beautiful -- she looks powerful.

Hayden recently shared that she went from a pre-pregnancy weight of 106 pounds to 145 pounds, which she attributes to her muscular frame and past history as a gymnast. I can understand and empathize with the shock that you sometimes get while pregnant, when a scale spits out a number that you've never seen before. But Hayden proves that numbers are just that and that what truly comes through is that glow we get from feeling great and taking care of ourselves while nurturing our bodies and another human life.

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Bottom line: no matter what she weighs, Hayden looks insanely gorgeous.

What do you think of Hayden's pregnant bikini photo? Would you pose in a bikini while pregnant?


Image via haydenpanettiere/Twitter


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