Ashley Hebert Debuts Post-Baby Body With Confidence (PHOTO)

ashley herbertAshley Hebert Rosenbaum has certainly put her Bachelorette days far behind her. Her life reads like a good romance novel (no Fabio cover) and the joy she has pops out of every photo I've seen her in. She has the loving husband (love J.P.!) and a sweet little baby boy they named Fordham Rhys who apparently sleeps like a champ. Lucky! And while women's bodies are all different and change so much post-pregnancy, it's clear that Ashley is also proud of her post-baby body as seen in her adorable selfie. Not this one where she is wearing the ridiculously cute baby Ford, but this one ....


One month post baby! I'll take it!

A photo posted by Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum (@ashleylynnrosenbaum) onOct 10, 2014 at 8:04am PDT


We all take off the baby weight in different ways and on our own timelines -- the point is that we love our changing bodies, honor the time it takes to fit into our old clothes or embrace the new curves. It's all about our own confidence. And after having a baby, creating and birthing life, mamas, you all deserve to honor your body no matter what size it is.

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I love Ashley's outlook -- she seems so happy and healthy and truly enjoying motherhood. Remember she's only one month into motherhood -- such an incredible time. I also love her fresh face and glow -- totally makeup-free. Flaunt that confidence Ashley! We all should.

Doesn't Ashley look fantastic?


Image via Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum/Flickr

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