Ashton Kutcher Shares Meaning Behind Baby's Name (VIDEO)

Ashton Kutcher Conan O'BrienAshton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have gotten a lot of flack for their daughter's "unusual" baby name. Folks have said baby Wyatt Isabelle is going to scare parents off of naming their boys Wyatt because (in a nutshell) what celebrities do with their babies becomes a "rule" for everyone else.

So you may be wondering why the heck the celebrity couple gave their little girl a name most commonly associated with boys. Was it a grand plan to subvert some sexist practices? An "eff you" to the establishment? Not. So. Much.


Papa Ashton showed up on Conan O'Brien's show this week and admitted naming baby Wyatt was ... a fluke:

I just started listing off anything and everything that I saw. ... Then I was like, "All right I've got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?"

Apparently Mila said yes, and, well, the rest is history! Wait, Ashton says it better:

Sorry to all the folks who thought there was some deeper meaning there! But let's be real here for a second: this happens a LOT more than you'd think. You argue and argue and argue and then one name just ... works!

What name "worked" for you?


Image via Team Coco

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