Robbie Williams Does Something No Dad Should Ever Do in a Delivery Room (VIDEO)

robbie williams wife giving birthEver wanted to know what it'd be like to have Robbie Williams in the delivery room with you? Well, now you can. The British singer (of Take That fame) just live-tweeted the birth of his son, complete with pictures of wife Ayda Field (like the one above), videos, and plenty of support.

Best husband ever? He even lovingly captioned the above photo, "It's ok, I've totally got this." Oh ... dear.

And then he started singing (as you do when you're a world famous musician). Ever wondered what labor and delivery would be like with some Frozen? You're about to find out:


Mom, just let it go! You've got this. Plus, every baby wants to be welcomed into the world with the beautiful sounds of Robbie Williams and the unforgettable Disney lyrics. It doesn't get much better than that. 


But do not fear, even Robbie and his wife will both attest to the fact that no mommies were harmed in the making of their hilarious play-by-play:

Oh thank goodness. Mom is laughing about it all now and admits that it made the whole experience more whimsical and fun. And at that point in time, some whimsy is exactly what you need ...

What was your husband doing while you were in labor?


Image via Robbie Williams/Twitter

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