Here's How Jill Duggar Will Find the Perfect Name for Baby Dilly

jill duggar derick dillardBy now, we all know that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are not only expecting, but they've already started chatting about baby names. And while they've firmly ruled out any same letter business (the infamous 19 Duggars all have names that start with the letter J), they did decide to do a "family theme."

So in an effort to figure out just what the heck a "family theme" is -- and how Jill and Derick can make this work -- we've gone to our resident baby name expert. Laura Wattenberg, founder of Baby Name Wizard, weighed in on how the Dillards can really work the "family theme." So Derick and Jill, if you're reading, you're welcome for these tips.


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  1. Go for similar sounds. It doesn't have to be a beginning letter, which Jill and Derick have said they won't do. An ending letter or maybe even a similar pattern (the double-aa's in Aaron and Isaac) works too! Wattenberg notes this is one of the most popular themes.
  2. Find names with shared origins. "Old Testament names could be possible," says Wattenberg. "Brothers Noah and Ethan are some of the biggest right now." Biblical names? Right up the Duggars' alley! And since Baby Dilly is a boy, when his brother follows, this could be a hot pairing.
  3. Don't go crazy. "It's interesting because her parents never intended to start a theme," notes Wattenberg. "They happened to do it for a couple of the first children, and look how quickly they lost control." Yes, Josh, Jana, and John-David all just happened to have names with similar beginnings. So by the next pregnancy, baby Jill was really the only option. Jill and Derick are already talking about having lots of kids, so they may want to think ahead now ... to make sure this is do-able.
  4. Make it a theme of connection. "Emphasize group connection versus a style emblem being put out in the world," she adds. When the child is born and given a name that fits in the "family," they're immediately in. Make them inclusive by involving them in the group. Each subsequent Duggar kid was automatically in the family, not only because of their genes, duh, but also their name association.
  5. Do it for the right reasons. "Never choose a name to match a theme if you wouldn't consider it on its own," says Wattenberg. And that's perhaps the most important tip to note. Sure, you can have daughters named Rose, Lilly, and Daisy, but when daughter number nine comes and you're considering Forget-Me-Not, it's time to take a step back.

What do you think Jill and Derick should name baby Dilly?


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