Jill Duggar's New Baby Registry Is Even Stranger Than the First

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 23, 2014 Celebrity Moms

jill duggar derick dillardBaby Dilly is well on his way (yes, they're officially having a boy), and Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are taking baby prep very seriously. The couple has just posted a new registry at Walmart and their baby item choices are ... interesting. To say the least.

Earlier in her pregnancy, the couple released their first registry, which has since been taken down. But their new one is just as wonderfully crazy as the first.

Seriously, you need to take a look at some of their strangest registry requests.

Can you believe they listed #6 as a wish?!


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

  • Gatorade


    Does Baby Dilly need electrolytes already?! What is this? That must be one seriously athletic infant they plan on having ...

  • Fitness Stability Ball


    It's most likely for labor and delivery (especially since girlfriend is planning a home birth), but where do you draw the line on asking for gifts vs. buying them yourself? Maybe at stability ball ...

  • Evening Primrose Oil


    Yet another case of "should you actually ask other people to buy this?" Some moms know that this magical little oil softens the cervix for delivery. And while, yes, it is baby-related, it's definitely not the kind of thing moms typically put on a shower registry.

  • Paper Towels


    For real? There are no words ...

    Yes, babies are messy, and there'll be more spills than you can imagine, but just run to the store and grab a couple rolls.

  • Alarm Clock


    Why, Jill, why? You're about to give birth to your own personal alarm clock.

  • Booster Seat


    Wowza, that's some impressive planning. For a "child 40-110 lbs and 38-57" tall," that is! People. That's a 4-year-old ... at least! There's no chance they'll be using that thing until at least 2018. Just think about that.

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