​Jenny McCarthy Wants Her Son to Be Gay for All the Wrong Reasons

OMFG Jenny McCarthy. That's really the only thing I can say right now because the woman has officially left me speechless. The former View co-host and Donnie Wahlberg's new wife recently said that not only does she suspect she might be "trans" because she has always felt like one of the guys, but that she would be totally excited if her 12-year-old son Evan came out as gay because ... wait for it ... they could "shop" and he could do her hair.

Ugh. Harvey Milk is turning over in his grave right about now.


Her extreme bout of verbal diarrhea was brought on when she was asked how she felt about playing a transgender woman in the 1990s sitcom Just Shoot Me! It would have been enough for her to take that moment to share a funny quip from the show. But, no, she instead decided to reveal that she feels like she might be part of the "trans" community. I'm betting they'd beg to differ and she's downplaying what it means to identify as a trans woman -- whatever, that's her business.

But Jenny couldn't stop there.

On the one hand, it's fantastic -- seriously great -- that Jenny is so open-minded about her son's sexual orientation and the choices he'll make when he's a bit older. But she could have conveyed that with a simple, "I will love Evan whether he's gay, straight, or bisexual." The fact that she felt the need to perpetuate a silly stereotype about gay men does nothing to help the gay community. It does nothing to encourage gay children and teens to "come out." And it doesn't make her seem like a "friend" of the gay community, if that was her goal -- it simply makes her sound ignorant.

Jenny took one teeny step in the right direction -- accepting our children no matter what their sexual choices may be is important and commendable. But then she did her child and all children and adults who identify as being gay a total disservice with her buffoonish comment.

What do you think about Jenny saying she'd be excited to have a gay son because they could shop and he could do her hair?


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