Jill Duggar's Baby Name Isn't One Her Mom & Dad Would Pick

jill duggar derick dillardRight on the heels of their baby gender announcement, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are already talking baby names. The parents-to-be have decided to completely buck Duggar tradition and not do letter names. Instead, they're starting their very own naming practices.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar famously named all of their kids with the letter J. Their oldest son, Josh, has three children, all of whose names start with the letter M (Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus). But Jill and Derick? Forget it.


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While a letter pattern seems to have gone completely out the window, don't disregard any kind of theme for their growing family. "We may do some kind of theme, like family names," Jill told PEOPLE.

As for what a "family name" really means, that has yet to be defined. If they go after any of the baby's uncles, it's sure to start with a J. Derick, on the other hand, only has one brother, Daniel, so that's definitely another option for Baby Dilly.

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While Jill and Derick have stuck pretty close to the family's traditions so far (their courtship was strictly monitored right from the start), it's exciting to see them branch out and start their own traditions.

Whatever path they choose to take with baby names will definitely become their own.

Did you do any baby name theme? What was it?


Image via jillmdillard/Twitter

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