David Beckham Wants to Protect Your Kids From Ebola (VIDEO)

David BeckhamEbola may be the one word on every parent's lips these days, but talking about it is not enough. Moms and Dads need to be doing something about the disease infecting five people every hour. Not sure how to help? David Beckham has a few ideas on helping the kids with Ebola.

Yes, that David Beckham. Soccer star. Model. And father of four. He's joined forces with UNICEF to fight for the 8.5 million children living in Ebola-affected areas in Africa.


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How can you say no to that?

According to UNICEF, more than 4,500 people have died from Ebola since March, including kids, and 3,700 children have been orphaned by the virus. It's going to take health care information and supplies to stop the spread and save kids, but that costs money.

Don't care because it's not happening here?

Fact: American kids are not at high risk of Ebola. But if we want to protect our children here, that starts by protecting the kids overseas, by helping end the outbreak in places like Sierra Leone. As we've already seen, sick people in Africa have come to the United States ... and that puts our kids here at risk. If you aren't moved simply by seeing kids in need, perhaps knowing that helping them will help your own kids will spur you to act. And you don't have to be an international celebrity like David Beckham to make a difference.

To donate to UNICEF, visit their Ebola-specific donation page.

What are YOU doing for the kids affected by Ebola?


Image via UNICEF/YouTube

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