Jill Duggar Reveals Baby Dilly's Gender

jill duggar derick dillardHope you had placed all your bets because Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard just revealed the sex of their baby. And (drumroll, please) come March, the newlyweds will be the proud parents of a baby boy!

Shocked? Yes, them too. All along, and even in a video interview last month, the expecting couple said there were a lot of signs pointing to a little daughter.

Boy, was that a shock, huh?


Then again, Jim Bob and Michelle apparently knew all along that they'd be welcoming a grandson. Call it grandparent intuition?

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And in traditional Duggar style, the family was strongly present at the ultrasound unveiling. Joy, 16, James, 13 and Jenny, 7, joined Jill and Derick (try saying that five times fast) at the doctor's office during the reveal.

Though it might seem like a total shock for the couple, Derick is pretty pumped about his first son. "As a new dad, to have a firstborn son to be our first child and be the leader of his siblings, it is very special," he told PEOPLE.

Were they expecting a daughter? Possibly. But face it: your gut isn't always right. All the old wives' tales can't always predict correctly. A little surprise, every now and then, definitely keeps things exciting.

What gender did YOU think you were having? Were you right?

Image via TLC

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