Kate Middleton Shows Off Baby Bump in First Appearance (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamThe wait is over! Kate Middleton has made her first official appearance since Clarence House announced the Duchess was expecting her second child, and yes, there's an itty bitty bit of evidence that she's pregnant. Well, there is if you look really hard for a baby bump.

If there was ever a sign that she's past the worst of the sickness, it was the grin on her face as she stood with Prince William to welcome the President of the Republic of Singapore and his wife Mary at London's Royal Garden Hotel.

Look at that pregnancy glow:


Kate Middleton Prince William

Not much of a bump, but there's a little bit poking out of that gorgeous Alexander McQueen coat!

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Often pregnant women "show" earlier with a second pregnancy than the first, but with the horrible morning sickness she's experienced for the past few months, it's no surprise poor Kate hasn't exactly been packing on the pounds during this pregnancy.

Not to mention Prince George's sibling-to-be isn't actually due until April. She's got plenty of time to "pop." What's important is that Kate is feeling well enough to be out and about and looking healthy again. We can't wait to watch that itty bitty bump grow!

How long did it take you to start feeling up to going out and about after you found out you were pregnant?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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