Pregnant Zoe Saldana Split Her Pants Wide Open

zoe saldanaIt seems like Zoe Saldana has been all over the news lately. First, we found out she was pregnant, then it was revealed that she's expecting twin boys, and now girlfriend is cracking us up with her hilarious pregnancy wardrobe malfunctions.

While promoting her new movie, The Book of Life, with co-stars Channing Tatum and Diego Luna, Saldana made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and boy, can we totally empathize with her pregnancy struggles.


Wowza. Her pants literally split all the way around. And we completely feel for her.

Just another pregnancy moment no one warns you about before you've got that bun in the oven! Sure, people will warn you about the morning sickness and the aches and cravings, but no one really tells you about the pant ripping part of pregnancy. Oh, the joys of expecting ...

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But while most people would cringe and cower in that moment, Saldana's got the right attitude: it's just another facet of pregnancy. She's already several months along, and with twins, no less, so it's no big surprise that regular clothes are fitting extra snug these days!

Can you relate? What was your most embarrassing pregnancy wardrobe fail?


Image via Splash News

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