Kate Middleton's Due Date Revealed

Anyone who has ever been pregnant probably feels for Kate Middleton right about now. No doubt you've heard about her extreme case of morning sickness -- hers is so bad it actually has a medical name: hyperemesis gravidarum. She had to be hospitalized for it when she was pregnant with Prince George, and has been forced to cancel several engagements this time around so that she can stay off her feet and rest at home.

But there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel. The Royal Family has recently revealed that, not only is the Duchess of Cambridge's condition "steadily improving," but that she is expected to give birth during one of the BEST months of the year.


Kate's due date is April 2015! No word yet on whether Kate and Will are adding another boy to their growing family or if they will be loading up on bows and frills for their adorable little girl, but their due date news is super exciting for one obvious reason: outdoor photo ops!

Kate will be able to give birth when it's nice and warm outside, recover for a few weeks, and then immediately be able to take her little one for walks in the sunshine. Spring is truly the perfect time to deliver a baby. As a pregnant mama, you aren't forced to suffer through the humid summer months and watch your ankles swell up like balloons. You don't have to invest in summer maternity clothing because you can probably rock your autumn/winter pieces until your due date. And I found it easier to get back into shape quickly because the nicer weather meant I could get out more with my baby for walks.

And can we talk about baby's wardrobe for a second? Giving birth in the springtime means you need fewer articles of clothing for your newborn -- hallelujah. No need to bundle her up in layers that you have to then remove 25 times a day for diaper changes. And think of all of those adorable sundresses baby Diana will be able to wear! (Yes, I totally predict their child will be a girl.)

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Honestly, there's never a bad time to give birth and every season has its positives and negatives. We're thrilled for Kate and can't wait to see a few gorgeous baby bump photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 Awards Ceremony that she is expected to attend this week.

What's your ideal due date month?


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