Simon Cowell's Idea of Fatherhood Makes Him Sound Like a Jerk

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He became a first-time father at age 54, and Simon Cowell doesn't really seem to be warming up to the idea of parenthood. In case you were wondering how involved he is with raising his son, Eric, Cowell says that he's not hands-on. At all.

In a recent interview with HELLO!, Simon chimed in on how he's planning on raising his little boy:


I'm probably in a far better position to be a father now than I would have been 10 years ago. That's the way I'd look at it. And at the end of the day we have really great nannies that are bloody amazing so I don't have to worry.

Hear that? The nannies have it covered. And there's more:

I'm going to be honest -- I'm not exactly a hands on dad. I want to fast forward a few years so I can take him go-karting and then introduce him to women. There are a few years to go yet.

Aww ... how sweet! He's already looking forward to their shared adventures and ... dating.

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But until then? Looks like it's just little Eric and his nannies.

Ahh, the life. It must be nice to just ship off the kid until you're ready and want to deal with him. Those first few years, when he's not yet able to steer a go-kart or still thinks girls have cooties? Hard pass. Those aren't fun. 

Being able to skip all those unromantic parenting moments? Those nights of constant diaper changes, entertainment, and skill building? Sounds wonderful.

But then what?

By the time little Eric gets to be of racing and dating age, how much time will he actually have spent with Dad? Multiple studies have shown that babies form bonds with their parents (officially, it's infant-parent attachment) right from the start. No time spent with the parent equals no attachment. It's really as simple as that.

From a guy who once said that he was "born to be a dad," this is sounding mighty ironic. In case he missed those parenting classes or chose to completely ignore the books or advice, being a "dad" is so much more than racing cars with the kid or helping him pick up chicks.

But if those moments are really all he's waiting for, he's got a while to go.

What do you think of Cowell's parenting choice?


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