Jaime King Gets Tattoo Inspired By Her 1-Year-Old (PHOTO)​

Those of us who like and appreciate tattoos know they are much more than a pretty or unique picture we've chosen to live with forevermore -- they tell a story about some time in our lives that meant something to us. Few events rival the birth of a baby, so it makes perfect sense to want to commemorate that miracle with a special tat.

Model and actress Jaime King is so head over heels in love with her 1-year-old son, James Knight, that the 35-year-old chose to have a rather large and unusual tattoo engraved into the skin on her inner arm. After she posted a photo of the gorgeous sword/praying hands/star image, she received so many inaccurate guesses as to what it could mean that she decided to reveal what she was thinking when she got the ink job. And the significance behind her tattoo is even better than we could have imagined.


If you don't know, Jaime and her husband Kyle Newman tried for a few years to have a baby -- so keep that in mind when you hear her beautiful explanation for this rather fantastic tattoo:

Here's what Jaime says:

"I wanted a sword for every Knight had their special one & to represent 'the sword of truth' which I believe means to live authenticity, cut through any illusions-to be a spiritual warrior. It says Knight in the blade. There is a heart at the helm representing the loving trinity of myself, my husband & child. Praying hands because we prayed for years to conceive a child & the stars mean that he came from the heavens blessing us with a miracle."

How sweet and special -- I love it.

What do you think of Jaime's tattoo and its meaning? Did you or would you get a tattoo to celebrate your children?


Images via jaime_king/Instagram

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