Melissa Joan Hart's 2-Year-Old Son Rescued From Locked Car

melissa joan hart son locked in car

We've heard of plenty of horror stories about little children locked in hot cars to know that it's a panic-inducing moment for any parent. And being a famous actress doesn't protect you from that fear. Just earlier this week, Melissa Joan Hart's son was accidentally locked in the car.

The whole ordeal was captured in photos while AAA tried to rescue 2-year-old Tucker and reunited him with Mom and Dad.


melissa joan hart son locked in car

Fortunately he's OK, and Melissa is even cracking jokes about her appearance during the whole incident on Twitter (apparently she had a night shoot the evening before).

If there's one thing we can take away from the thankfully happy ending story, it's that this can happen to anyone. You can't help but feel for Melissa and get the sheer terror that must have taken over. Seeing a child locked in a car, feeling utterly helpless in the situation, can take a toll on you. Fortunately, help was fast to arrive and no one was hurt.

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And you can make sure that your child is also safe and rescued quickly by following these tips.

  1. Call 911 or roadside assistance IMMEDIATELY. Don't hesitate for even a moment. Babies regulate temperature differently, so heatstroke occurs faster. 
  2. Stay calm. If your child is awake, he or she will be able to see you and recognize your emotions. Keep them calm and stable as help arrives.
  3. Watch the time. Be careful not to lose track of the minutes passed. Just 15 minutes in a hot car could mean fatal brain and kidney injuries to a child, so start a timer as soon as that door shuts and you realize what happened.
  4. Break down the window. If you start to feel like it's been too long or for some other reason you need to break into the car, choose a window away from the child. That way, when the glass breaks apart, the shards will not land anywhere near the baby.
  5. Plan ahead. Though all of these tips are important to remember if your child is locked in the car, the best way to combat any possible tragedy is to prevent it. There are many things you can to do ensure the child won't be locked in the car. From little reminders in the car to starting up new routines, always make sure you're prepared.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you react?


Images via Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews

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