Supermodel Coco Rocha Announces Pregnancy in Creepy Video

coco rocha

We've seen celebrities announce they're expecting by posting photos of their growing baby bumps (just take Blake Lively's recent announcement), by sneaking in the family, even by showing off their shoes, but supermodel Coco Rocha definitely got in the Halloween spirit with her latest Instagram post. The new soon-to-be mom shared a rather spooky 15-second clip of her standing on a platform, with a 360-degree camera zooming about her.

Hard to get? Don't worry, words don't really do it justice. Just take a look for yourself:



@JamesEdwardConran and I are absolutely thrilled to announce that after 4 years of marriage we are expanding our family and expecting our first child spring of 2015! - James & Coco

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Well ... there you go.

Yes, it's clearly exciting and a wonderful step for the couple, but is anyone just a little (or a lot) ... spooked?

Looks a tad like the trailer for a horror movie. The all-nude body-clinging suit, creepy piano tunes, and rotating view definitely don't help. When is the scary monster popping out from the corner? He has to be lurking somewhere in that room, just ready to pounce at the camera.

And the timing definitely doesn't help. With Halloween just around the corner, the sweetness of the video is a little lost.

We're happy for Coco and James and thrilled that they decided to share their news with the world, but we're kind of missing simple reveals that are a little less ... spooky?

Did you find this pregnancy reveal creepy?


Image via cocorocha/Instagram

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